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Well....I couldn't let Keith have ALL the fun, now, could I??? 

Welcome...and thank you for visiting MY forum, where I will endeavor to tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing BUT the truth... so long as it doesn't embarrass me!  I am, after all, a royal princess.  I must maintain authority.  (I must admit, I'm a bit nervous... so take it easy on me, people!)

(besides...Keith has access to my email....)

As to how this all came about....
Well, Pidge has his forum.  A wonderful idea of his that's been going on for YEARS!  And yes, even I have asked a few questions here and there (mainly looking to see if Keith has mentioned to anyone, ANYTHING AT ALL about me!!!  (gleefully giggles)

You can find Pidge's forum, called, "ASK PIDGE" , hosted by               over on the Voltron Game Page.

Then, of course, my handsome...uh...well...hmm... what I mean is... my most trust Lion Knight, Keith, has his own forum, "ASK KEITH" , hosted by one of my very loyal subjects,                  ...who by the way, took my picture above, while I was panicing, trying to figure out how to answer one of your emails!   I'll get you, my little pretty...! 

Now, why would I decide to open myself up, for what will probably be, requests for  very personal information?  Just what makes any of you think that I will freely say anything?

Very well...I will consider each email request ...and answer in accordance with political tact. (and as most of you know, who are from the Planet Earth, political figures RARELY  give straight answers!!!)   ^_^

So, without further ado... let the questions begin!

Oh... and by the way... if you wish to send me a question, please feel free to email me at:

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July 18, 2008

Dear Princess Allura,

Do you think you and Keith will ever get married?
Darlene from Kansas (That's on Earth!)

Dear Darlene,
Thank you so kindly for inquiring on this subject.  The fact of the matter is that Keith and I are . . . well . . . it is what Lance calls, 'complex'.  You see, Keith and I share a very special relationship, and while I'm always open to 'something new', I' don't know that I'd necessary want to push the issue . . . Okay, I lied. YES!  I want to push the issue!  The problem is finding the right time to corner him and force it out of him!  ^_~

But don't worry, I'm not giving up just yet.
Thank you for your question, Darlene!

~The Princess


Hey, guess what? I've seen the "Incredible Hulk" last night, and it was soooo awesome! I think it's true that it is a sequel to the 2003's "Hulk" movie.

Anyway, how are you on Arus? Mine's fine here.

Well, Princess Allura, I have to run now, so I'll talk to you soon. Take care!


your best fan,

Greetings Jermey from Planet Arus!

The Incredible Hunk?  Hmmmm . . . I must confess, I see an 'incredible hunk' every day here in the Castle of Lions - and here is a secret . . . it's not "Hunk" but 'A hunk'.  Well I guess I needn't reveal the answer.  You have likely figured it out on your own! 

Things are fine here on Arus.  We have enjoyed a quiet set of days without any trouble from Lotor.  However, Keith said we are on 'borrowed time' with that regard.  But I'll take peace however I can get it. 

Always wonderful to hear from  you, Jermey!  Take care of yourself.

~Allura, Princess of Arus