Amy Johnson
Amy Johnson
Age:  27

Amy was born October 12, 2144, in the state of Iowa, Earth.  She is the daughter of James and Eileen Johnson.  She has two other brothers, Curt and Alan.

Amy grew up in a poor farming community, and at age 13, decided that she wanted to attend the Earth Space Academy.  With very little money, Amy's father convinced the superiors there to accept Amy into the academy under a work scholarship. 

She excelled as a student in the academy, majoring in intergalatic dipolmacy. 

In the fall semester of her senior year, she took notice of Cadet Keith Hunter, a first class ranking student.   Upon doing some serious investigating, she found that Keith had an interest in fencing, among other things.  She quickly took up the sport, hoping to run into him, and gain an opportunity to get to know him on a more personal level.

Her plan succeeded. 

Amy spent much of her senior year with the brass young cadet, getting to know him and his future ambitions. 

After graduation, Keith and Amy parted their separate ways....

Keith was assigned as an Air-Unit Leader, with his first assignment sending him to Planet Arus in the Azure Quadrant.

Amy accepted a position with an exploration team headed for the troubled planet, Zorn, in the Crimson Quadrant. 

After only a few months there, war broke out on Zorn.  The team from Earth left Planet Zorn and returned home....all except Amy...who chose to remain behind in an effort to try and further help the people of Zorn.

She is still there today.
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