"The Ambassadors of Arus."

Story by Adele
Story Copyright 2002
A story based on the series, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"

The characters of Voltron are the property of World Event Productions. All other characters are the copyright of Adele.  Please do not use them without asking for permission.  Thank you.


Chapter 24
Old Wounds

Blue Lion lay helpless on the ground.

The Voltron Force had successfully driven off Lotor and defeated his Robeast.

The remaining lions immediately landed next to the heavily damaged Blue Lion.  Keith jumped out of this chair.

As he ran for the cockpit exit, he instructed Amy to remain inside the lion for safety.

In moments, the four men had reached the Blue Lion.  Hunk forced open the hatch, and Keith and the rest of the team ran inside.  They found Allura slumped over in her seat, still strapped in by her harness from the lion head attack.  She wisely left it on to help keep her from being flung around in the cockpit.

It turned out to be a wise decision.  It most likely saved her life.

Hunk reached down on the side of Allura's seat and manually released the bar, allowing Keith and Lance to push back the bar from her body.  She slumped forward, unconscious as a result of impact.

Keith scooped her up carefully, and set her down beside the chair.  Lance removed her lion helmet, tossing it aside.

"Careful, Keith!" Pidge warned as he waved the scanner over her. "Her left arm is broken!"

Lance knelt down next to the Princess, as Keith held her from the other side. Both Keith and Lance gently checked for other injuries.  They found that Allura's left arm was in fact broken, just as she had suspected, and as Pidge had confirmed.  Other than bumps and scrapes, it appeared she would be all right.

Keith gently patted her face. "Allura...Allura...wake up..." he said.

Hunk was looking down, while Pidge checked over the damage to the computer circuits.

"She's not responding." Lance said with a worried look on his face.

"Yeah, thanks!  I can see that!" Keith barked back, obviously upset over the crash. He tried to reach her again. "Princess!  It's us!  Wake up!" Her voice started to whine.

"Hey, I think she's coming out of it!" Lance said.

Keith leaned over and whispered in her ear, "Allura...Allura... Can you hear me?  Come on, Princess open your eyes!"

Allura still remained unconscious.  Keith shook his head. "We need to get her out of here."

Pidge overheard Keith. "You go on.  Take her back to camp and pop her into bed.  I'll work on getting Blue Lion operational."

"Yeah, and I'll stay with the genius here!" Hunk added. "He could use some muscle power."

Keith looked up at his friends. "Are you guys sure you can get Blue Lion going again?  It looks like a lot of damage."

"No sweat, Commander!" Pidge replied confidently. "The motherboard is what's really in need of replacing.  But I can by-pass its function capacity so that it will operate the ship to get her home.  The rest of the repairs are cake!  I'll have this kitty up and purring in a couple of hours."

Keith looked at Lance. "What do you think?"

Lance shrugged his shoulders. "Well, we have to still escort the Queen back to her palace, plus see to the Princess. We can't do all that just sitting around here all day. We might as well let them do what they got to do, and get the Princess back to camp."

Keith agreed. "Okay," he said to Hunk and Pidge. "You two stay here and repair Blue Lion. When you're done, use a tractor beam to tow it back to base.  Lance and I will get the Princess back to camp first, and the Queen back to her palace second.  Call me when you've fixed
Blue Lion."

"Got it, Keith." Pidge replied. "Go on now, take care of the Princess."

Keith and Lance both picked Allura up, and gently carried her out of the cockpit.

Once back on the ground outside of Blue Lion, Keith took over, and carried her to Red Lion. Lance would have to transport her back to camp, since Amy was still in Black Lion's passenger seat.

Lance ran for Yellow Lion, and escorted Queen Serena back with him to Red Lion as well.  She could stand behind Lance's chair and hold on tight from there.

Black Lion and Red Lion lifted off, heading back for camp.


Allura's mind began to see images...disturbing images.

Allura stood by helpless, as she watched Keith walk toward her with Amy on his arm.  He had a very happy look on his face.  He was even laughing with her.

Allura rushed up to him, grabbing his arm. "Keith!  What are you doing here with her?"

Keith yanked his arm free from Allura's grip. "When are you going to face the truth?  I'm not in love with you anymore, Princess!  I'm leaving Arus forever, and returning with Amy to Earth.  She's going to be my wife!"

"But..." Allura became frazzled. "But you promised you wouldn't leave me again!"

"I asked Amy to marry me, and she said yes.  And you're not invited to the wedding!" Keith snidely added.

"Keith!  Why are you doing this?  I thought you loved me?" Allura wept.

"Loved you?  Where'd you ever get a silly thought like that?  I don't love you anymore, Allura. I guess you need to hear that now." Keith said.

Amy was kissing his cheek and snuggling close to Keith's side.  All the Princess could do was cry.

"I'm leaving now.  Don't try to follow me!" Keith said, as he turned to leave.

Allura ran up behind him. "What did I ever do to you that would turn you against me like this?"

Keith whipped his head around. "You can't fight!  You can't defend yourself!  You let Blue Lion get trashed!  I can't be with someone who fails me all of the time!  Now get out of my sight!"

Keith and Amy walked away, giggling at the Princess.

Allura was left alone... once again.

"Keith!  No, wait Keith!  I didn't mean to let Blue Lion crash!  I didn't mean it!  Please... Oh
please, Keith!  I'm sorry!  I'm sorry!"

I'm sorry...


Lance had returned Queen Serena back to her palace hours ago.  Hunk and Pidge had already completed repairs on Blue Lion, but it was already too late to break camp now.  They would do that in the morning.

The Princess had been unconscious for several hours.  Keith had kept a steady vigil next to her cot.

"I think she's finally coming around now," Lance said, smiling at Keith. "This time I'm sure of it."

Keith gently took hold of her chin, and gently moved her head from side to side in an effort to arouse her.

"Come on, Princess!  Open your eyes and look at me!" he pleaded again.

Suddenly, Allura's eyelids started to flutter.  Soon, her eyes opened part way, catching a glance at Lance and Keith.

"What...what happened?" she said weakly. "Where... am I?"

"You crashed in the Blue Lion." Keith said, taking his hand and gently caressing Allura's head. "We've made camp for the night, and you're lying a cot.  Do you remember the crash?"

"What... Blue Lion?" she mumbled, looking around "What is this place?" she said again, appearing to be confused.

Keith was getting alarmed.  He looked at her intensely. "Do you know who you are?" he asked her.

She thought for a moment.  Then responded weakly to him. "Yes... I... I am Allura, Princess of Arus."

"What's your age?" Keith asked again.

She smirked weakly at him. "You should know better than to ask a lady for her age." She said weakly.

Lance smiled. "She okay!  She's already giving us sarcastic responses!"

She moved her head from side to side. "I... I remember now.  Blue Lion... is Blue Lion okay?"

"Yes.  Pidge and Hunk repaired it.  It'll get us back to Arus.  Then it can be repaired properly.  More importantly, how are you?" Keith said, still gently caressing her forehead with his fingertips.

Allura closed her eyes, and recalled the dream.  She immediately opened them, suddenly becoming exasperated.  "Oh Keith!  Please don't be angry with me!  I tried!  I really tried!  I didn't want you to be mad at me!"

Keith shook his head. "Whoa..settle down, Princess!  Mad at you?  About what...what are you talking about?"

"Because I crashed Blue Lion!  And because... I wasn't as brave as you thought I should be!" Allura's eyes started to well up with tears.  "Please don't leave Arus because of me!"

Keith's eyebrows became knitted together. "Princess... what in the galaxy are you talking about?  Leave Arus?  Why would I leave my home and my friends?  Why would I want to?"

"Because you... and Amy..." she started tearing up.

"Oh now...wait a minute here!" Keith interrupted. "I already told you.  Amy and I are nothing but friends!  Don't you remember me saying that?"

"But you...and she... you were leaving me because I crashed the Blue Lion!" Allura replied, feeling suddenly confused, and still very groggy.

"You must have drempt that, Allura." Lance said. "Keith's been here the whole time with you. He hasn't left your side!"

Allura looked at him. "You...you haven't?"

Keith smiled at her. "Of course not.  I wasn't leaving you.  I'm not leaving you, or Planet Arus. I've no reason to, Allura.  You just had a bad dream... probably a reaction to the bump on your head from the crash."

Allura thrusted herself up into Keith's arms. "Oh Keith!"

He quickly embraced her in return. "I'll never leave again, Princess."

Amy was standing just outside the tent where Keith and Lance were with the Princess.  She heard the entire exchange...

And felt that old familiar ache in her heart return.  She turned and walked back to the tent that had been set up for her for the night.   In the morning, they were all returning to her village to pick up her personal belongings, then to travel back to Arus temporarily. 

From there, Lance had agreed to travel to Earth with Amy, in order to drop her off.

"How am I ever going to live my life, knowing he will be with her?" Amy thought sadly. "How can I possibly compete against a Princess for his love?  It's no use... I've lost him... forever.  I could just die..."

She sadly entered her tent, disappearing for the evening.