"The Ambassadors of Arus."

Story by Adele
Story Copyright 2002
A story based on the series, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"

The characters of Voltron are the property of World Event Productions.  All other characters are the copyright of Adele.  Please do not use them without asking for permission.  Thank you.


Chapter 22
A Change of Heart

Lotor sat at one end of the table, while Princess Allura sat at the other end.  She sat quietly, just picking at her food, seemingly uninterested in the selection placed before her. Queen Serena Octavia was seated in the middle of the table, and Hagar was seated across from the Queen.

The Princess was not making eye contact with anyone, but instead, waited silently to dematerialize away of her present surroundings.  Lotor was enjoying a drumstick of poultry, getting most of it on himself. Allura grimaced, disgusted by his eating habits.

Queen Serena looked at the unhappy Princess. "Your Highness, you're not eating." She said. "Was the selection of food not to your liking?"

Allura sighed. "No, it's quite presentable."

"Then what?" the Queen said, pressing for an answer.

"I just don't feel hungry, that's all." She said quietly.

Hagar looked up from her meal. "Eat, Princess!  We can't have you getting ill, now can we?"

Allura ignored Hagar.  And Lotor was ignoring the whole conversation.  He was busy planning what his next move would be... should he destroy Voltron first, or allow them to return to Arus
first, then destroy them?

Black and Red Lions arrived back to home base, landing next to the rest of the lions. Keith positioned Black Lion's head so that it was on the ground. 

He jumped out of the cockpit exit and immediately took off running toward his awaiting genius teammate.  Lance lagged behind to help Amy out of Red Lion.

As Keith reached Pidge, he shouted, "Activate the transportation sequence!"

Pidge immediately homed in on the chip that was hidden on Allura.  Pidge inhaled a quick breath

"Okay everyone!  Here we go!" Pidge said.

"Is this going to really work?" Hunk asked.

Pidge was concentrating. "It should.  And if it does, the Princess should appear in front of us in about a minute from now!"

Keith held his breath...

Back in the dining hall, Allura started to feel strange.  Hagar jumped up and shouted. "What's happening to the Princess?" she hissed, pointing her croaked finger toward Allura. "She's

Lotor dropped his drumstick, pounding his fists onto the table. "I've been double-crossed!  She's being beamed away!" Lotor shouted at Queen Serena. "Stop her, you fool!"

Serena jumped out of her chair and grabbed onto Allura, and suddenly found that she too, was phasing out as well.  Hagar grabbed her staff, shooting a beam of blue light out of the top toward the Princess. 

But it was too late.

The beam just whizzed right through the Queen and the Princess.

As Allura and Serena disappeared, Lotor shot his goblet down on the table and grunted in anger. "It was them!  The Voltron Force must have done this!"  He jumped up screaming. "They'll pay for this.with their lives!"

He turned to Hagar. "Get your Robeast!"

"At once, Sire!" she shouted, and hovered away at lightning speed.

Keith, Lance, Hunk and Amy huddled around Pidge, who was operating the controls for transportation.

Lance was becoming impatient. "Well!  Where is she?"

"Calm down, Lance!" Keith shouted.

"Just cool your jets, Lance," Pidge quietly replied "Allura should appear in just a moment."

Hunk was first to notice itthe air...it seemed to shift.  He pointed toward it, "Hey, look!  Over there!  What's that?"

"It's the phasing!  Allura's going to appear any moment now!" Pidge replied. "Watch everyone!"

They all watched as an image of not just one person, but two people, began to appear.  Keith took a defensive position, drawing his weapon.  He signaled to Lance and Hunk to do the same.

"Oh oh," Pidge said. "Looks like we have company!"

"We're ready for him!" Lance shouted, assuming the company was going to be either Lotor or Hagar. 

But no one ever expected to see the person who appeared with the Princess...

As the phasing completed, Queen Serena released her grip on Princess Allura, stunned by what just happened.

Lance laughed out loud, "Well!  Looks like we have another mouth to feed for dinnertime!"

Allura, visibly shaken by the events that unfolded, fell to the ground. "Keith!  Keith!  Where are you?" she shouted.

Keith immediately took off running for her, sliding to the ground, grasping her in his arms. "Allura!" he cried. "It's okay, Allura!  You're okay!"

She buried her head into his chest suddenly feeling exhausted. "Oh Keith.  I never want to do that again.  I feel so...so weak suddenly."

Keith held her close to him. "Believe me, Princess.  If I can avoid doing that again, you can bet I will!"

Pidge approached them both. "It's the phasing sequence," he replied to the Princess. "It has a way of draining you.  You'll be okay in a few minutes."

Keith reached his hand up, and patting her back gently, unconsciously rocking her back and forth.  Allura took several deep-cleansing breaths as she tried to regain strength.  Keith reached down and brought her chin up so that her eyes would meet his. "He didn't hurt you, did he?"

Allura smiled, shaking her head. "No.  I was never in any danger."

"Says you!" Keith replied. "If he so much as laid a hand on you, I'd..."

"Hey, Commander!" Lance interrupted. "Listen, I don't want to be a killjoy here, but what do we do with Queenie?" he pointed to Queen Serena, who herself, was sitting on the ground, overwhelmed by the transportation.

Keith stood up and helped Allura to her feet.  Together, they turned to face Queen Serena.

Keith bowed before her reverently. "Your Highness, welcome to our camp.  My name is Keith Hunter.  I am the Commander of the Voltron Force of Planet Arus.  Let me introduce you
to my team."

Keith pointed to Allura first. "I believe already you know Her Royal Highness, Princess Allura Deville, Ruler of Planet Arus."

The Queen nodded slightly, a stunned look still on her face.

"This is my second in command, Lt. Commander Lance Andrews.  Next to him, is Lt. Hunk Simon, and finally, may I introduce you to our 19-year-old whiz kid, Lt. Pidge Villatoro."

The Queen sat on the ground, blinking her eyes rapidly. "P-P-Pleased to meet you" she managed.

Each of the Voltron Force bowed to the Queen. Even Princess Allura curtsied.  Keith again addressed the Queen. "Your Highness, if I may speak."

The Queen's attention turned to the Voltron Commander. "You...may." She quietly said.

"Your Highness, we have been sent here on a mission from Galaxy Garrison of Planet Earth." he said.

"And the purpose of this mission directive from Earth, Commander?" the Queen questioned.

"To offer the people of Zorn an alternative to fighting.  And protection from the evil forces of Planet Doom." Keith replied.

"How so?" she asked.

"But offering you admittance into the Galaxy Alliance of Planets, Your Highness." Keith said. He reached his hands down, offering to help Queen Serena up from the ground. "If you were a member of the Alliance, Voltron could protect you from Zarkon and Lotor!"

Queen Serena took Keith's hands, and he pulled her to her feet, with Lance and Hunk helping her from behind.  The elderly queen looked at the handsome young commander.  "I see.  And what makes your offer of peace any more attractive then Prince Lotor's?"

"Because, Your Highness, Lotor means only to offer you a temporary solution to your problem.  Just long enough for him to conquer you and your planet." Keith replied. "Zorn is an easy target, especially because your people war with one another."

"But how can you five protect us from Lotor?" she asked pointedly. "You seem quite young."

"Your Highness, don't let our youthfulness fool you.  We can be a formable enemy to the forces of Doom." Keith replied confidently.

Allura added her voice to Keith's...

"You see, these four were sent to Planet Arus when we were nearly destroyed by Zarkon's evil.  Together, these four young men helped me to reactivate Voltron.  When Zarkon was chased away, they help us rebuild some of our destroyed towns and villages.  Under the guidance of Commander Keith Hunter, Voltron has had many successful battles against Lotor.  We can do the same for your planet."

"That is...if you'll accept our offer of peace." Keith finished.

The Queen eyed the group carefully in front of her. "And if I refuse?" she asked.

Keith frowned. "Then we will have no choice but to leave Zorn."

"And you would leave without protest?" she added.

"If that is what Your Majesty requests, then yes.  After all, this is your planet.  You must decide what's best for it, and the people you ruler over." Keith said. "But I urge you not to give up on Voltron!  We can save your planet!  Just as we've saved Planet Arus, and countless other planets in the galaxy.  But it's a matter of trust.  And if you don't trust us to do what we say we will do, then we of course will have no choice but to abandon our peaceful mission.  We won't force ourselves on you, Your Highness."

The Queen thought things over for a moment. "It would be more beneficial if my people could see Voltron protecting them.  It might help to calm some of the battles we experience here on our planet.  The battles amongst each other must stop."

"Then...what is your answer, Your Highness?' Keith asked.

"I...I believe that you will do as you say.  I will trust in Voltron, and its mighty warriors.  Zorn will join the Alliance." She finally said.

A hardy shout for joy came over Lance, Pidge and Hunk.  Keith put his hand over his heart, bowing again to Queen Serena. "Thank you, Your Majesty.  Thank you for giving us a chance to help save your planet!"

Suddenly, the sound of a large explosion could be heard, and ground violently shook.

Everyone ducked....

Amy, who had been standing close by, came running toward Keith and Allura. "What was that?" Amy's voice trembled.

Lance looked up toward the sky. "Robeast!" he pointed. "Run!"

"Well, my young friend.  It looks like you will have your chance to prove your words to me!" the Queen shouted above the commotion. "It appears that Witch Hagar has sent something meant to help retrieve your Princess Allura!"

"Come on!" Keith shouted, grabbing Allura and Amy. "Run for the Lions!  Hurry!"

"Come on, Queenie!" Hunk shouted, grabbing her hand. "You'll be safe aboard the Lion ships!"

The Robeast was on fast approach.