"The Ambassadors of Arus."

Story by Adele
Story Copyright 2002
A story based on the series, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"

The characters of Voltron are the property of World Event Productions.  All other characters are the copyright of Adele.  Please do not use them without asking for permission.  Thank you.


Chapter 14
Hagar Makes Her Move

Nightfall had finally arrived on Zorn.  Voltron had landed for the evening near the palace, undetected.  Thanks to Pidge's new cloaking device, Voltron was able to silently make its way around without being discovered. 

Hunk set up camp near Voltron, and Pidge turned on the shields and the cloak.  Lance was reviewing final plans that he and Keith had written up before they had come to Zorn. 

Allura, however, remained very silent. 

She hadn't said much since mid-morning, when they left Keith behind in the village, which was nearly one hundred miles away now.  Her only spoken words, were to Lance... for orders and direction.  Lance was now the leader and her Commander, and it was her job to follow his direction.

Other than that, she said nothing at all.

She found a small lake nearby, and quietly went to sit near it.  She stared mindlessly over it as the nearly complete sunset reflected off of the water.  The air was cooling off, but she hardly noticed.  Her thoughts were on Keith once again.  She couldn't get him out of her mind.

Allura was unaware of the young woman that was approaching her from behind. 

"Hello there!"  The young woman announced.

The distraught Princess stood up quickly and drew her blaster.  She saw the young woman standing there... "Hey!  Don't shoot!  I just came to say hello!"

Allura smiled a bit and lowered her weapon slightly.  "Sorry."  She said. "I was startled.  You should have announced yourself as you approached."

"I meant no harm!" the girl said excitedly.

Allura chuckled slightly as she completely lowered her weapon.  "Its alright.  I won't hurt you." the Princess replied.  "Do you live around here?"

"I'm staying nearby...yes."  The woman responded.  "Are you looking for something?"

"We're here to see the Queen."  Allura replied.

The woman looked at Allura's face.  She tilted her head.  "You seem quite sad.  Are you missing someone?"

Allura didn't know how to answer the woman.  "Why do you ask?"

The woman just shrugged her shoulders.  "I can sense these things.  You've left someone behind.  And now, you're very sad, right?"

"Yes..." Allura replied cautiously.  "How do you know that?"

"I just know!"  The woman said.  She went back to the original conversation.  "So, you're looking for the Queen, eh?"

Allura looked at her.  This woman was acting rather unusual.  "Yes.  My friends and I are here to offer friendship to this planet.  Do you know how we can get in to see her?"

"Well, I can take you to her!  I'm staying in the palace!'  She squealed.  "Come on!  Lets go!"

Allura approached her.  "Wait!  My friends need to go with us!   Come with me, and I'll get them, and we can all go!" Allura started to trot off toward the hilly path that led back to camp.

The young woman became insistent.  "No, there's no time!  You have to go, now!  I have to bring you to someone there who is waiting for you!  It's a friend of mine!"

Allura's face turned cross.  "Waiting for me?"  She questioned.  "Why don't you want my friends to come along with me, and meet this friend of yours?"

The young woman waved her hand in front of herself.  Suddenly, her body started to glow and turn almost bright white.  It lit up the area they were standing at like a flood lamp.  Allura put her hands up in front of her face, trying to shield her eyes from the brightness.

When the glow toned down, Allura looked up...the young woman disappeared, and in her place stood Hagar the Witch!  Allura gasped with fright.

Hagar looked sinisterly at the Allura.  "Because my dear..." answering Allura's earlier question.  "The party you are invited to is only for you and my friend...Prince Lotor!"

"NO!" she shouted, and grabbed her blaster again.  "Stop, Hagar!  I don't want to shoot you!"

Hagar laughed hideously.   "Foolish young Princess!  See how effective your weapon is now!"  Hagar pointed her globe at the blaster in Allura's hand.  A fierce green ray shot forth and hit the blaster.  Allura jumped for a moment.  "Go ahead, Princess!  Fire your weapon!" Hagar insisted.

Allura pointed her blaster again.  "Alright, Hagar!  You asked for it!"  She pulled the trigger, and nothing happened.  She pulled again, and still nothing happened.  "Come on!  Work!" she screamed.  She suddenly looked up at Hagar, with fear in her eyes.

Hagar laughed again.  "Now, pretty Princess!  Stop playing games, and come with me!  Prince Lotor and Queen Serena are waiting for you!  Serena is giving you to Lotor as a treaty gift!"

"What have you done to Keith, old witch?" Allura shouted, backing up slowly.

"Ah, you don't approve of his new attitude?" Hagar cackled.  "I think it's very convenient!  He's with Amy, and soon, you will be with Lotor!"

"Return him to the way he was!" Allura threatened.  "Or else..."

"Or else, what?" Hagar hissed; her face suddenly angered in appearance.  "You can't threaten me!  And as for Ex-Commander Keith Hunter...he has made his choice!  Now, be a good girl and come with me, or I'll toast your little band of friends over there!"

Hagar started to hover closer.  Allura screamed and threw the blaster at Hagar, then took off running. 


Hagar deflected the blaster with her magic
and pounced on Allura. 

"Let me go!" Allura shouted.

Back at the camp, the three men looked up quickly from their tasks to hear Allura's echoed plea for help. 


Hunk stood up from the ground, shouting "Guys!  That's Allura!  She's in trouble!"

Lance jumped to his feet immediately.  "COME ON!" he shouted to Pidge, and followed Hunk down to the lake. 

When they arrived, the lake was dark and silent.  There was no one around.  Lance pulled out his mini utility light, and began combing the area. 

"Allura!  Allura... where are you?  Answer us!"  Lance shouted. 

"Princess!  Come out!  Its only us!" shouted Hunk. 

Pidge used his mini computer to scan for signs of the Princess.  As he was walking, he stumbled, stepping on something too large to be a stone.  He swung his light to the ground to see what it was. 

Pidge gasped, "LANCE!  HUNK!  OVER HERE!" he shouted.

The two men ran up to Pidge, who had now knelt down to the ground.  Lance knelt down next to Pidge. 

"What is it?" Lance asked.

Pidge picked it up.  "It's the Princess's blaster!  Its molecular structure has been altered.  It won't work now."

"Hagar!"  Hunk shouted.  "She was warning us about Hagar!  Remember?" 

Lance looked up toward the distance to the direction of the palace.  He remembered the village... and Utan!  Lance recalled Utan explaining that some ugly old woman told him to steal the Princess away to the palace for Queen Serena's special friend.  It was Hagar...all along!

"Why didn't I see it before?" Lance reprimanded himself.  "I was so sure...Amy...what have I done?"

He stood up and faced Hunk.  "Hagar must have taken her to the palace... to Lotor!"

"How do you know that?"  Hunk asked. 

Pidge stood up quickly, following Lance's train of thought:  "Hunk, remember Utan from the village?  When we questioned him why he kidnapped the Princess, he said it was because Queen Serena wanted him to bring Allura there to her."

"Pidge's right!  Hagar finished the job Utan started!  We've got to get her back!"  Lance shouted.  "I was wrong, guys.  It wasn't Amy.  It was the most obvious person!  It was so obvious, it should have kicked me right in the behind!   What was I thinking?"

"We all thought it, Lance." Hunk confirmed.  "We wanted to believe Amy was to blame!  You could see how much she still loved Keith.  We just figured that it had to have been her."

"I...I blew it." Lance proclaimed.  "I would have been more careful if I thought it was Hagar and Lotor!  It was so obvious!"

"Wish Keith were here," Pidge said in a low voice.  "He'd know what to do"

Lance turned around quickly and barked at Pidge.  "Well, he's not here!  So forget him!  We've got to do this on our own!"  He motioned to return to the camp.  "Come on, guys.  We have work to do!"  Lance started back up the path leading to the campsite. 

Pidge and Hunk began to follow, staying back far enough so that Lance wouldn't hear their conversation. 

"I still wish Keith were here right now..." Pidge sighed quietly.

"Yeah.  Me too, Pidge-O." Hunk added.  "I don't think Lance is good enough to get her out of this one.  Keith was always one for a good solid plan."

"Yeah, I know.  But looks like we're going to have to trust him, Hunk.  We've got no choice."  Pidge added.  "Come on, let's catch up with him." 

It was going to be a long night...

And now, the night just became longer.