"The Ambassadors of Arus."

Story by Adele
Story Copyright 2002
A story based on the series, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"

The characters of Voltron are the property of World Event Productions.  All other characters are the copyright of Adele.  Please do not use them without asking for permission.  Thank you.


Chapter 4
The Asteroids

Pidge alerted Keith as they approached the asteroid belt...  "Commander, visual ahead!"

Keith could see that the asteroid field was as massive as Coran's data had indicated.  It would definitely require the lions to separate.  But even with them apart, it would be quite a feat to get everyone through it. 

He wasn't as worried about everyone else, as he was for the Princess.  Although she had a lot of combat experience under her belt, she hadn't faced the challenge of such a massive asteroid field before. 

He opened a COM link to the team:  "Okay everyone.  We have to separate the lions so that we stand a better chance of making it through the asteroids.  I want everyone to keep the channels open and clear.  That means, no unnecessary talking.  We all need to fully concentrate on our instrument panels." 

Then he spoke directly to Allura... "And Princess, I want you to stick close to me, got it?"

"Got it."  She replied. 

She had to admit to herself the field was very large in size.  One wrong move could cost her very life.  She gulped as she started to beat down the fear that was beginning to well up inside her. 

"Can we make it, Keith?"  She asked.

"Yeah, we can make it.  But we have to stay alert."  Keith reassured her.  "Okay, the rest of you, start to make your way through.  We'll all meet on the other side, reunite and form Voltron again."

Carefully, Yellow, Green and Red Lions started to make their way into the asteroid belt.  Allura watched as they went, hoping to glean some knowledge from their cautious movements.

Keith spoke quickly through the COM.  "Allura, follow me."

Black Lion moved into position, and Blue Lion lined up right beside the Black Lion.  They both carefully moved into the field as well. 

Everything seemed to be okay at first.  Then, it started getting tricky.  The asteroids were becoming more numerous as Black and Blue Lions continued forward.  It wasn't long before Keith had to break his own command and give direction to Allura.

"Princess, listen to me very carefully.  I want you to bring up your radar, and target the asteroids.  I'm going to need your help in getting through this."

"I understand."  She replied, and immediately pulled up the radar to track them.  "Now what?" 

"I want you to make sure as you proceed forward, you watch for stray asteroids from the sides.  I'll handle the ones from the front and the rear." he instructed.

Meanwhile, Yellow, Green and Red Lions had emerged on the other side of the belt.  Lance signaled Keith quickly.  "Red Lion here, we are all out of the belt.  Use the COM to communicate if you need to.  Red Lion out."

Keith acknowledged the signal and immediately opened a dialogue with Blue Lion.  "Princess, reduce your speed and move 3 degrees to port."

"Acknowledged."  She said firmly.  Then she signaled back.  "Black Lion, a large asteroid is approaching from the left."

"Okay, increase speed by a fraction only,"  he called back, seeing that they were almost out of it.  "Okay Princess.  Now, go 2 degrees to your port again, and we should be out in a moment..."

Just then... BANG!

A stray asteroid that Allura failed to see from the right, hit Blue Lion hard in the side.  She screamed aloud,  "AH-H!  Mayday, mayday!  I've been hit!"  Allura shouted.

"What?"  Keith was confused.  "How did it happen?" 

"I missed one, Keith.  I'm sorry!"   She shrieked.

"Alright calm down! Any damage?" Keith shouted, trying to cover for her by watching for asteroids from the left and right too.

She quickly scanned her systems.  "I'm off line!  Power shortage...I have no readings yet!"

"Alright, follow me and do exactly as I do!"  he replied. 

He widened his radar to see objects to the left, right, front and back.  "Just a little further, hang on!"

The Princess was checking her controls to see if there was a tear in the haul.  She powered down her main computer, leaving the lion's secondary systems on manual maneuvering power.

As she did this, she nearly missed hitting another asteroid. 

Keith shouted at her "Allura!  Forget the systems!  Watch for asteroids and do what I do!" 

"Okay...but what about..." she started.

"Forget it!  Just concentrate!" Keith shouted again.  He saw another asteroid coming from his left.  "Allura...reduce speed...just a bit..."

She held her breath, as she released the throttle, slowing the lion down just a hair.  The asteroid passed gently in front of them, narrowly missing Blue Lion again.

"Princess...now do a systems restart.  I'll cover for you." Keith commanded.

Allura began to quickly restart her lion's computer system. When she looked up, she could see stars again. They had made it out.  With her systems up, she scanned for damage. 

Keith, immediately upon clearing them both of danger, opened a hail to Allura...  "Princess, what's the damage report?"

"Minimal damage, Keith.  It looks like it was just a tap that knocked me offline.  The reboot did the trick."  She replied, giving her gages the once over again.  "My shields are still in place at full strength."

"Are you okay, Princess?"  Lance said.

"Just a bit shaken up.  Otherwise, I'm fine."   She replied.

"Okay, if everything checks out, then let's reunite and form Voltron."  Keith said.
"Next stop, Planet Zorn!"