"The Ambassadors of Arus."

Story by Adele
Story Copyright 2002
A story based on the series, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"

The characters of Voltron are the property of World Event Productions.  All other characters are the copyright of Adele.  Please do not use them without asking for permission.  Thank you.


Chapter 3
The Mission to Zorn

The morning came too quickly for Hunk. 

The alarm monitor sounded at 6:00am on his dresser.  He had placed the monitor across the room, to force himself to get up and turn it off.  He did... however... he managed to roll back into bed, muttering under his breath about having to get up so early.  He eventually fell back to sleep.

It was some time later that Hunk was startled awake by some angry voice, shouting in his ear, with another angry voice off to his right side.  The voices were becoming familiar as his senses came around one by one.  Hunk opened his eyes, meeting Keith's angry face that had been hovering inches above his own.  Shocked and disoriented, Hunk jumped upright with a wailing sound. 

As he sat up quickly, Keith didn't have time to get out of the way, and Hunk's head connected with his chin, grinding his teeth together with a force, that it rattled his whole skull.  The impact sent Keith flying off the bed and to the floor.

Pidge was the one to the right side of Hunk, lecturing him about something.  He wasn't quite awake yet, so he didn't quite catch what Pidge was upset about.  That is, until Keith got up from the floor, and began shouting at Hunk...  

"What were you thinking about?  You're holding up the whole mission!  Hunk... Hunk!  Wake up!" Keith shouted.

Hunk let out a long yawn.  His morning breath was so bad, that Keith had to turn his head.  Hunk then looked at his two upset comrades.  "What's up, guys?"  He asked with a smile.

"You...I hope!"  Pidge fumed.  "You were suppose to be out of bed nearly two hours ago!  We're waiting for you!"

"Oh, did I miss breakfast?"  Hunk asked, scratching his head wryly. 

"Breakfast?  Yes, you missed breakfast!  You missed roll call, and mission briefings... and most of all, we missed leaving on time!  Now get up...right now!"  Keith shouted, pulling back the covers, as Pidge moved around to drag Hunk out of bed.

Hunk shoved Keith in the chest, and kicked at Pidge with his feet.  "Alright, alright!  I'm up already!  You don't have to get sore about it!"

"You don't know how sore I am!  Now, you've got 15 minutes to get yourself ready and meet us in the Control Room!  And I mean 15 minutes, Hunk!  You make me wait again, and you'll be assigned laps around the Castle, got it?"  Keith shouted as he angrily flung the covers to one side, and stormed out of the room.

When Keith was gone, Pidge stood off to the side as Hunk got out of bed.  "Geez, what a sore head!" Hunk huffed.  "He doesn't have to yell at me!"

"He's got a point, Hunk!  We were supposed to be out of here at 8:00am.  It's almost 8:30am, and we're all waiting for you!  I don't mind telling you that I'm a little upset too.  It's not like this mission is going to be any cakewalk.  And you go starting it off by making us late!   What happened to you?"  Pidge asked, his arms crossed in front of his chest and leaning up against the wall.

"I don't know!  I guess... I just laid back down for a minute, and the next thing I knew, you two were standing here biting my head off!"  Hunk slammed his pillow back on his bed as he stood up.  "I didn't mean to make us late!  You guys act like I'm the only guy that ever was late before!"

Pidge stepped toward the door.  "That's because you're usually the guy whose late all the time!  The rest of us manage to get up!  Now hurry it up.  Keith's steamed enough.  Don't go making it worse.  He'll blow it off by the time you get down there.  But you better get down there on time, this time, or you'll be doing laps!"

Hunk rubbed his stomach.  "But what about breakfast?   I'm hungry!"

Pidge rolled his eyes upward.  "I'll go get you something and have it in the Control Room by the time you get there.  Just hurry it up, okay?"

"Yeah, yeah... I'll be right there." Hunk waved Pidge on. 

Hunk managed to make it into the Control Room with 2 minutes to spare.  Keith was pacing around the room, obviously nervous about the mission.  

Lance and the Princess were reviewing flight data when Hunk roared in the room.  Keith paused in his steps, as he glanced at his digital watch, nodding at Hunk with approval.

Lance, however, had been waiting for the big guy to waltz in.  "Well, nice of you to join us, Hunk!  Sorry if we disturbed your... uh... what was it you called it before... oh yeah... beauty sleep!"

"Don't go there, Lance!"  Hunk groaned, gritting his teeth.  "I made a mistake.  Let's just leave it at that, okay?" 

"Oh sure, Hunk.  By the way, are you fully awake to operate Yellow Lion?" Lance teased again.  "I mean, we don't have to evacuate a few villages, do we?  You know, in case you crash you kitty-cat into one of them, while you saw logs on the control panel?"

"I'm fully awake enough to beat you to a pulp!"  Hunk said, putting up his fist.

"Boys, boys!"  Allura intervened.  "That's enough out of both of you!"

Pidge walked up to Hunk and handed him an omelet sandwich.  "Here, Hunk.  Eat this, you'll feel better." 

Hunk turned around and took the sandwich from Pidge, biting into it immediately.  Allura handed Hunk the flight data to review before they took off.  With sandwich in one hand, and the flight data sheet in the other, Hunk turned and approached Keith, who was now reviewing final e-mail orders from Galaxy Garrison.

"Uh, Keith" Hunk began his apology.  "I'm sorry that I caused you a ton of stress this morning.  I know this is a big mission.  I really messed things up, didn't I?"

Keith regarded Hunk for a moment.  Then cracked a smile.  "Hey, I'm sorry I jumped all over you in your quarters.  I guess I got carried away, myself.  Sorry, big guy."

Hunk smiled back.  "Hey, I'm just as sorry!  I deserved it!  Let's just forget it, okay?" 

"Okay..." Keith grinned, patting Hunk on the back.  "Now, review your flight data, so we can get going."

Minutes later Coran turned around from the control panel.  "Commander, I've plotted a course and fed the data on this data disc.  Have Pidge insert it into Green Lion's control board.  This way, he can share the data with all the lions at once."

Coran popped the disc out of the control board, and handed it to Keith. 

"Thanks, Coran."  Keith said.

He turned to his team, and gave the command.  "Alright, let's move out!  Robot lions, launch!"

"Good luck, team!"  Coran shouted as the command center rose beneath him to reveal the lion chutes.  A final wish was sent to the Princess.  "Be careful, Your Highness."

Allura winked,  "Don't worry, Coran!  I'll be fine!"  And then, she entered her chute. 

Hunk shoved the last bit of his sandwich in his mouth, as he grabbed onto the T-Bar that would swing him down to the lion shuttles.

As the robot lions left the atmosphere of Arus, Keith radioed Pidge.  "How are you with loading that data from Coran?"

"I'm sending it now, Commander."  Pidge replied through the COM.

Keith called up his computer menu, and retrieved the information.  It included a map of an asteroid field that they would need to pass through in order to reach Planet Zorn.   Keith informed his team to call up the data and load it too.

Keith then began to start the Voltron sequence.  "Okay team, ready to form Voltron!"

With swift speed, the robot lions formed mighty Voltron. 

Once together, Keith hailed Pidge again.  "Okay, I'm setting a course for Zorn.  Pidge, keep your long range scanners on.  Make sure it's on a wide angle all around Voltron.  I don't want to run into Zarkon or Lotor without warning."

"You've got it, Commander!"  Pidge replied.  "Sensors are on and fully functional."

"Good.  Maintain speed and heading." Keith added.

Allura came in over the COM.  "Keith, what do we do when we get to Zorn?  Do we come unannounced?"

"No, I'll open a hail to them.  I at least want to see where we stand, in terms of a friendly welcome.  I want to know how much trouble I'm going to be in with them, if they turn me away and I go in anyway."  Keith replied.

Allura chuckled.  "Sounds like a good plan to me!'

"Pidge, how long to Zorn?"  Lance said over the COM.

Pidge checked his map and gages.  "Well, it looks like we'll reach the asteroid belt in about 3 hours.  Once past that, it's a short distance to Zorn itself."

"Oh, good!  Maybe Hunk would like to take a nap for a bit!"  Lance started to tease again.

"You're pushing it, Lance!"  Hunk grunted through the COM.  "I'm going to punch you out when we land!"

"Come on, big guy!  I'm just kidding!"  Lance replied, giggling. 

"Okay, okay.  Let's drop that subject.  We have a long journey ahead of us.  Let's not make it longer."  Keith interrupted.

As the COM quieted down, Keith began to wonder to himself how he was going to get Voltron through the asteroid belt.  It was heavily filled with asteroids, any of which could do serious damage to any part of Voltron. 

He decided that separating the lions might be the best way to approach this.  But he had plenty of time to think about that on the way.