The Ambassadors of Arus
Called on by the Galaxy Alliance to offer peace to a warring world, The Voltron Force venture out to the distant planet of Zorn. 

Keith discovers a certain woman living on Planet Zorn, whom he had known during his academy days.  He had a brief relationship with her, but after graduating from the space academy, Keith had decided moved on with his life.  The woman....had not.  She still carries a dangerous flame of love for that could threaten the entire success of the mission...and the lives of Force. 

Keith is forced to focus in on his growing feelings for his Blue Lion pilot...Princess Allura.  But does this woman threaten to destroy what has yet to begin between the Princess and the Commander?

And lurking in the shadows is...Lotor!

Can the team complete their mission and return to Arus safely?
A Song by REO SPEEDWAGON... subtitled: Keith's inner heart. 
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Copyright  © 2002    
Adele M. Previte

Story written by: Adele M. Previte
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Regretful Recognition
A Heart's Hope
Sorry Doesn't Seem Enough
The Prince's Demand
A Change of Heart
Robeast Attack
Old Wounds
A Final Plea
Moving on
A Sorrowful Farewell
Going Home... at Last
Midnight Interlude
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