Princess Allura DeVille
Princess Allura Adrianna DeVille
Age: 25

Princess Allura was born on March 12, 2146, the daughter of King Alfor DeVille and Queen Angelica Camille DeVille, rulers of Planet Arus.  Her royal nanny primarily cared for her from infancy, as her parents most often attended to royal duties. As Allura grew, she attended prestigious schools, both on Arus and abroad. 

Allura was only 9 years old when her mother, the Queen, died of illness.  Her father, the King, who taught her what it meant to be a kind and gentle ruler, raised her as best as he could on his own, while continuing to rule Arus.  Her father taught by example, and was well loved by the people of Arus. The little princess was often sheltered away from her future subjects, for her own protection.  Alfor was very protective of his only child. 

When Allura was 11 years old, she was orphaned, after her father was defeated and killed by evil King Zarkon in the Battle of Zohur.  She instantly found herself the ruler of Planet Arus...a planet she had only begun to understand.  Pressures of royal duty weighed heavily on her as she began her reign.  The people of Arus looked to her to provide them with reassurance and protection.  It was a task that proved hard to fulfill at such a young age.  With her life suddenly changed at age 11, she was forced to take on the role of ruler, and grow up faster than she should have.  All of this, while in the process of grieving the loss of both parents.

Relying heavily on her royal court for support, she came under the cared and guidance of the Castle's Chief Magistrate and Planet Diplomat, Coran Anderson. 

Allura was only 14 years old, when Zarkon sent his vicious attack forces to Arus.  With very little experience as a monarch, she instructed Arus's robot defender, Voltron, to meet Zarkon's forces head on.  Allura's father built Voltron many years ago, in anticipation that evil some day would strike Arus. 

Voltron too, was eventually tricked and defeated by Zarkon's witch, Hagar.   She succeeded in separating him into five robot lions. Without anyone to operate and unite the lions together once again, Voltron was rendered powerless.   And Arus was rendered defenseless. 

Fighting raged on Arus for three years, until finally, the planet's military armies were defeated, and the people were devastated.  The towns and cities of Arus were leveled to the ground by Zarkon's evil forces.  Discouraged, but not yet ready to surrender her planet, Princess Allura, now age 17, called upon Galaxy Garrison and the Alliance, to send her reinforcements. 

Captain Keith Hunter, along with his team of Space Explorers, came to the aid of the young Princess and her planet.  After one of the Space Explorers became injured, Princess Allura herself stepped in and convinced Captain Keith to teach her how to fly the Blue Lion, against the better advisement of Coran and Nanny.  With much determination, she made a place for herself as a pilot of the Voltron Force.

After peace had returned to Arus, Princess Allura bid a tearful farewell to her friends as they returned to Earth, their work on Arus complete.  She remained on Arus, continuing her education, and her leadership role as Princess and ruler of Arus.  All the while, never forgetting her friends from the Alliance. especially Captain Keith...whom she had grown very fond of.  Keith was always there for Allura with a word of encouragement when she needed it the most.  For all intensive purposes, he was the champion of her heart, although she knew he had his duty to perform, and could not remain on Arus with her.  Over the years, her feelings for the young captain remained strong, despite his absence.

At age 25, Princess Allura received a communication from Galaxy Garrison, and was invited to meet with Alliance officials at Bastille 12, and help to try to sway Prince Lotor to give up his forces of Doom that he hid away when he was imprisoned almost five years earlier.  She was pleasantly surprised to meet up with Keith during this visit, and learned of his promotion in rank to Senior Commander.  After an unsuccessful meeting with Lotor, she returned quietly to Arus, sad that she had to leave Keith once again.

Later, word arrived to Arus that Lotor had escaped from Bastille 12.  Allura became concerned for the safety of her planet...and herself.  Lotor had always had a destructive infatuation for her.  Using caution, she heightened security on Arus. 

One day soon after, Planet defenses detected an unidentified ship streaking toward Arus.  It was found to contain Commander Keith and former Voltron Force member, Lance Andrews.  They had come under attack while investigating space pirating, and were forced to crash land on Planet Arus.

Princess Allura welcomed them both back to Arus, and together, they contacted former Voltron Force pilots, Hunk Simon and Pidge Villatoro, asking them both to rejoin the Force. 

Allura took her place once again, as the pilot of Blue Lion and a member of the Voltron Force. 

Her character traits:

Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn!  She doesn't like being treated like a baby or being told what to do.  Allura likes being in the thick of battle, and doesn't particularly like to be over-protected.  She struggles with her feelings for her commanding officer, Keith.  She especially despises the fact that his military rank and her royal duties tend to keep them apart, emotionally. 

On a lighter note, Allura is kind-hearted, compassionate, sincere, loving, caring, and has a special place in her heart for childrenparticularly those who were orphaned during Zarkon's raids on Arus, feeling a special bond with them, as she herself was orphaned, thanks to Zarkon.

Allura enjoys horseback riding, swimming, laughing at silly things, and participating in practical jokes that Pidge likes to play on the other team members.   She enjoys playing the piano when no one is aroundso she thinks.  She also cherishes her quiet times alone, visiting her father's tomb at the Royal Crypt, and her mother's burial site, near the Castle's front gates, adjacent to Black Lion's monumental resting-place. She also enjoys spending quiet time with Keith whenever time allows.  She enjoys long talks and long walks with the Commander of the Voltron Force, sharing quiet, non-intrusive conversation with one another. 

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Princess Allura
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